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Hi there, I'm,

Bailey McLeod

I love my profession because it allows me to have a unique relationship with each person that sits in my salon chair! I have always been someone who prefers a one to one conversation, and getting to know who a person really is, what they like, what they enjoy, Getting to know who you are, helps to inform the look you aspire to achieve, which is why I enjoy catching up on the events in your life since your last appointment. I am also comfortable with silence. Sometimes the pieces of who we are need that too, so if you want to pull out your laptop and get some work done, or continue the good book you've been reading, I support you. It's your time, Im happy to have you spend it however you need! 

I strive to give every client that "Wow" feeling, leaving refreshed, relaxed, and uplifted. Most important, clients leave not just excited about how they look, but educated on how best to maintain that look in the easiest and healthiest way possible for your hair. Clients have enjoyed me as a stylist because I enjoy the stylist-client relationship. I keep myself up to date on current techniques and styles because they often change. Sometimes people seek comfort in maintaining a style, other times, they need encouragement to understand that the new look they want is achievable. I am honest with my clients, and I often use a  "less is more" approach, to achieve a natural and easy to maintain look.

My philosophy rests in the concept that a stylist should want a unique relationship with each client. Understanding the responsibility to the collaborative process that I share with you. I want you to have that look that gives you confidence in your appearance and hair health, and gives you that "new" feeling. I love what I do, and you will too! 


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